Community Recovery Alliance
Thursday April, 25, 2019, 7:00 PM
Emmet County EMS Station
1201 Eppler Road

I. Welcoming remarks – Dale Hull
II. Introductions of Board Members, Guests and Audience Members – Board Members
III. Agenda – Dale Hull
a. Additions or corrections
b. Motion to accept and proceed
IV. Minutes of the March 28, 2019 meeting – Ann Carolan, Secretary
a. Additions and corrections
b. Motion to accept and proceed
V. Treasurer’s Report – Dale Hull, President and Glenda Wilhelm, Treasurer
a. April Report relative to Deposits and Expenses FY 2019
b. Motion to correct and/or accept and proceed
VI. Nominating Committee report and action items.
a. Accept the resignation of Suzanne Perry
b. Consider recommendations for the Nominating Committee to consider
VII. Board and Guest Presentations/reports / comments / observations:
a. Patrick McGinn, CEO of Harbor Hall
b. Suzanne Shumway, Petoskey City Council
c. Anja Pacetti will report on presentation to the Unitarian Church of Petoskey
VIII. Old Business:
a. Dale Hull will report on website creation
b. Dixon Dudderer will report on the creation of our FaceBook page.
c. Committee Progress Reports from Committee Chairs
IX. New Business:
a. Comments from the Public
b. Comments from the Board
X. Adjournment