Board Meeting Minutes
Community Recovery Alliance
7:00 PM
Board Member Present via Zoom online: Dale Hull, James Parr, Glenda Wilhelm, Ann Carolan,
Anthony Wilhelm, Lisa Scholl, Jannan Cornstalk, Anja Pacetti, John Prescott
Members Absent: Tom McHale,
Dale Hull called the meeting to order with most of the members present online and others joining
us a few minutes later. Director Hull began by thanking John Prescott for setting up our Zoom
online Meeting.
II. Agenda:
a. Dale asked for Part 4 change on Agenda to request authority to write grants for CRA.
b. Agenda accepted as revised. (Action Item)
III. Minutes presented by Anja Angel (Pacetti) for Secretary Carolan.
a. Approved as presented. (Action Item)
IV. Financial Report: Glenda Wilhelm, Treasurer (Action Item)
a. Checking Account balance at Huntington Bank $2,931. $172 in savings.
b. We anticipate receiving a continuation of NMRE grant until September 2021 at which
time the grants will end.
c. Expenditures of March will be about $5500.
d. Despite the fervent efforts by Anja to fundraise through the faith communities, few
contributions were received.
e. Kayla Clark was hired to do official 990’s and financial report at $20 per hr. (Action
Item). The Board voted to approve hiring.
f. ACTION Item read: to give full authority to Dale Hull to write grants on behalf of
CRA. Motion passed unanimously.
g. Action Item: Financial Report (see attached) approved unanimously.
V. Committee Reports:
a. Executive Committee – Dale Hull (See Dale’s Report to the Board for full details)
i. Wesley Street hearing in front of the City Planning Commission is
rescheduled for June 18
ii. Narcan (naloxone) Nasal Spray available through CRA
iii. 2020 NMRE grant will expire in 2 months. Dale is busy writing grants.
iv. CRA office is closed. Dale will be working at home due to COVID-19
v. Dale reported on several interactions on behalf of clients in jail. Dale met with
Mr. Cosens who informed him that Jail released 40 plus inmates due to virus.
vi. Ann Carolan volunteered to write April Letter to the Editor.
b. Development Committee: Anja Pacetti, Chair: no report
c. Marketing and Public Relations see report by George Lewis.
i. Proposed meeting with District Court Judge, Angela Lasher, to discuss
implementation of the “Stepping Up Initiative” as well as CMH and ECSD
resolutions for treatment services to people with serious mental illness who are
booked into jail. (Approved by Emmet County Commissioners in February).
ii. Dick also suggests a monthly Newsletter or News Release to apprise public of
our activities during the COVID–19 mandatory shutdown.
d. Education and Advocacy – Lisa Scholl, Chair (see report attached)
i. Report included information on NMSAS Recovery Housing Forum
e. Recovery Events and Professional Development Report – Jannan Cornstalk
See report from February 18, 2020
Forward upcoming events & Development opportunities to or 231 487-8117
VII. New Business:
a. Dale reported that a group in Alpena wants to duplicate CRA and we will assist.
b. Wesley Avenue Propety – Planning committee meeting canceled. Seller understands
and is on hold.
a. Glenda asked about Bay Harbor grant. Dale replied he will be working on it.
b. Due to the COVID–19 pandemic and Shut Down, Dale has closed the office to
clients but is seeing one client tomorrow for GED and he will continue grant writing.
c. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM
Next Meeting – Tuesday April 28, 4th Tuesday, at 7:00 PM