Position Description: Peer Recovery Coaches/Facilitators

Please see our hiring page on the website for information about CRA, our hiring process, and more!

We are seeking an experienced Peer Recovery Coach to join our team!

Our Peer Recovery Coach positions are a bit different than in other agencies in the area. You will be providing coaches to more selective populations than most coaches. In addition, our coaches are responsible for program coordination and management, and responsible for covering a large geographic area. 

We will have a coaching team of 2 coaches and one supervisor. Coaches are responsible for executing our judicial programs and our Recovery Friendly Workplace programs. The coaches report to the Program Manager/Peer Recovery Coach Supervisor.


General Responsibilities and Activities:

Judicial Program Duties:

  • Work with community jails throughout the territory to offer programming including possible on-site or virtual peer recovery coaching for inmates or meeting inmates immediately post release.
  • We focus on assisting recently released inmates, or those soon to be released, with their first 72 hours and coordinating the services they need to help them reintegrate into their community and finding or maintaining recovery.
  • We offer all jails customized Jail Release bags for their territory. Coaches will help update materials for each county, drop off bags to jails, maintain inventory counts, etc.
  • Establish relationships with new jails.


Recovery Friendly Workplace Program Duties

  • Assist Manager/Supervisor and ED with facilitating training programs to workplaces on how to handle someone with SUD or someone affected by SUD on their team.
  • Coaches will be responsible for traveling to employers’ sites for on-site coaching for their staff when needed. Coaches will assist the employer and the employee to navigate the situation, and if there is a recoveree interested in treatment, helping both parties with facilitating the leave plan and the return-to-work plan.
  • Establish relationships with new employers.


Recovery Center & Community Program Duties:

  • Each staff person will be responsible for organizing and hosting one recovery event a quarter. One event a year must be in a different county to help us offer more programs throughout our 21 counties.
  • While positions are office based, each staff will be responsible for covering a few shifts a week at the Community Center when they will be the primary person providing on-site coaching services for our walk-in clients.
  • Each Recovery Coach will start at least one weekly mutual support group either at the Center or in their home community.
  • Each staff is responsible for working one Saturday a month (day shift) to allow the Center to have some weekend hours.
  • Promotes the Recovery Center, builds awareness, and participates in community outreach and education events.


General Duties:

  • Promotes all programs offered by CRA through programming, meetings, events, etc. and connecting with interested community members to help grow CRA programs.
  • Data entry for all programs, training sessions, etc.
  • Lead by example: share the hope and power of Recovery, treat everyone who comes in as a resource; see strengths rather than weaknesses in self and others.
  • Understand the Ethics of being a Professional Peer
  • Be an advocate for Recoverees, and an Advocate for the Recovery Community, both within the organization and in our communities.
  • Willingness to work with many types of recoverees, respect the diversity of all recoverees, and honor all pathways to recovery.
  • Must be willing and able to travel (day trips) throughout the region (travel reimbursed) to meet with recoverees, community groups, employers, jails, etc.



Skills, Abilities, Experience, and Characteristics:

  • Must be eligible to complete the MDHHS Certified Peer Recovery Coach program. See Hiring Page on website for link and more information on those requirements.
  • 1+ years of coaching experience required.
  • Lived experience of recovery, familiar with the recovery process and experiences
  • Current driver’s license or access to reliable transportation
  • Clear, compelling, correct written communication skills
  • Ability to approach work with integrity, flexibility, and confidentiality
  • Empathetic, patient, compassionate and collaborative coach and team member
  • Flexible, open-minded, curious, and trustworthy
  • An active listener and experienced motivational interviewer
  • Self-motivated, self-directed, follows through on commitments
  • Ability to reflect, learn, and grow  
  • Ability to learn integrated software systems   
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Teams  
  • Proficiency with social media, especially Facebook for Businesses
  • Knowledge of the Recovery Community 


The Important Stuff:

  • Full-time position; 37.5 hours per week
  • Ample PTO days and paid holidays
  • Positive work environment
  • Professional and comfortable office space
  • Consistent and ongoing Professional Development opportunities
  • $19.50/hour and up, commensurate to experience
  • Comprehensive health benefits