Probationers and Parolees with the 57th Circuit Court were given verbal and vague instructions this month in relation to their required substance abuse assessments (drug testing). The court typically requires testing to be performed on one or multiple prescheduled days in the month. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic this service may or may not still be available. Clear written direction was not issued to the Probationers or Parolees on the status or methods which would be employed for their testing other than the if, where, and when was now at the discretion of the DOC agent. Failure to comply with this condition of probation or parol may equate to months of jail time.

The letter below authored by our executive director Dale Hull was sent to Emmet County 57th Circuit Court Probation office addressed to the supervisor Anthony Peters on April 10th 2020 via certified mail. As of this time no reply has been received. A second letter also linked below was sent  to our clients.


A. Peters Letter - Probation testing

Link: A. Peters Letter – Probation testing

Link: Our letter to clients