Position Description: Community Center Coordinator/Recovery Coach

Please see our hiring page on the website for information about CRA, our hiring process, and more!

We are seeking a Peer Recovery Coach to join our team!  

This position will be primarily responsible for managing our Recovery Community Center which will open in February or March! You will be responsible for the daily operations and administrative duties of operating a Community Center.  

This position is based at the Community Center in Petoskey, where they will be the primary person providing on-site coaching services for our walk-in clients. The ability to get to/from CRA Community Center required; having a valid driver’s license is not. The hours will be primarily business hours of 9am – 5pm, with one Saturday a month and periodic nights for special events.  

An experienced Recovery Coach or must be available to complete the full Recovery Coach Academy on February 18, 19, 25, and 26.    

The coaches report to the Program Manager/Peer Recovery Coach Supervisor. 

We are a small and growing organization with many changes and lots of growth planned for 2023! We are looking for someone who is flexible, open-minded, curious, and trustworthy to join our team!   

Does this describe you?  

  • Willing to work with many types of recoverees, respect the diversity of all recoverees, and honor all pathways to recovery. 
  • Lead by example: share the hope and power of Recovery, treat everyone who comes in as a resource; see strengths rather than weaknesses in self and others. 
  • An advocate for Recoverees, and an Advocate for the Recovery Community, both within the organization and in our communities. 
  • Have lived experience of recovery and are familiar with the recovery process and experiences. 
  • Use clear, compelling, correct written communication. 
  • Approach work with integrity, flexibility, and confidentiality. 
  • Empathetic, patient, compassionate and collaborative  
  • An active listener and experienced motivational interviewer. 
  • Self-motivated, self-directed, follows through on commitments and yet able to be a part of a team. 
  • Willing to reflect, learn, and grow under the guidance of supervisor and ED- actively engage in being supported. 
  • Can learn integrated software systems.    
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Teams   
  • Proficient with social media, especially Facebook for Businesses 
  • Knowledge of the Recovery Community  
  • Understanding or willingness to learn about the Ethics of being a Professional Peer  
  • Willingness to learn more about diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.  


Then this might be the job for you! 

Some of the activities, roles, and responsibilities that will be filled by this position include:  

This position is based at the Community Center when they will be the primary person providing on-site coaching services for our walk-in clients. The ability to get to/from CRA Community Center required. 

Greet visitors to the Community Center for coaching, meeting, events, etc.  

Assist visitors with basic coaching services, as well as assisting visitors with services such as using computers, signing up for MI-Bridges, connections/referrals in the community, etc.  

Answering CRA phones and do telephonic recovery support services as needed.  

Data entry for meetings, programs, training sessions, and coaching.  

Coordinate the Center activities and resources such as managing our Recovery Library, overseeing client computer use, assisting clients with computer and phone use, etc. 

Preparing the space for upcoming meetings and events.  

Connecting and building relationships with other community resources through the 21-counties to better understand services available to our clients as well as sharing the resources CRA can offer with those connections.  

Promoting and building awareness of all programs offered by CRA and connecting with interested community members to help grow CRA programs. 

Each staff person will be responsible for organizing and hosting one recovery event a quarter. These can be in hosted at the Center, or in any of the communities we serve. The team will work together to host and coordinate events.  

Each Recovery Coach will start at least one weekly mutual support group either at the Center or in their home community (The meeting will be the choice of the coach and may include family and friends meetings)  

Each staff is responsible for working one Saturday a month (day shift) to allow the Center to have some weekend hours.