March 28, 2019 CRA MINUTES
Present: Board Members: Dale Hull, Anthony Wilhelm, Glenda Wilhelm, Lisa Scholl, Dick
Absent: Ann Carolan (Lisa Scholl acting taking meeting notes in her absence)
Visitors: Anja Pacett, Mary Thompson, Suzanne Perry, Dixon Dudderar, Joe Clark
Dale introduced Joe Clark, who is taking pictures of board members for the web page that is
being developed. Board Members were also asked to send Dale a short biography to him to
add to the web page. He also introduced Dixon Dudderar, who is going to be developing a
Facebook page for CRA.
Dale explained that he was going to be showing us a powerpoint presentation that was going
to be used to present our organization’s goals when speaking to groups.
He also explained that there were three nominations from the Nominating Committee for Board
members: Anja Pacett, Mary Thompson and Suzanne Perry.
There were no corrections or additions to the Agenda as presented and there was a motion to
accept the agenda and proceed. The motion was passed.
Minutes of the February 28, 2019 meeting were accepted and there was a motion to proceed.
The motion was passed.
Treasurer’s Report: Dale reported that we have received a check in the amount of $125.00
from the Episcopal Church in support of the work our organization is doing.
He also reported that Jessica Davis from NMRE decided to help fund CRA. Dale estimates
that we will initially receive $12-15,000. They are also going to reimburse us for the
incorporation fee which was $295.00
Dale is hoping to get us an office across from the County Building on Lake Street but he is
waiting until we have more money before he approaches the owner of the building about
renting the office.
Nominating Committee’s Report and Action Items:
The Nominating Committee presented three candidates to be added to the board. Anja Pacett,
Mary Thompson and Suzanne Perry. Each candidate shared their background and why they
would like to volunteer to be on the board. Dale moved to add Anja Pacett to the Board and
the motion was seconded by Dick Lewis and approved by the board. Dale moved to nominate
Mary Thompson to the Board and it was seconded by Dick Lewis and Anthony Wilhelm and
approved by the board. Dale moved to nominate Suzanne Perry to the board and it was
seconded by Anja Pacett and approved by the board,
-Anja Pacett’s background is in recovery programs and as a woman’s group facilitator.
Suzanne Perry’s background is in communications. She has a communications firm called
Excellent Point. She is helping to develop a powerpoint presentation for CRA and she would
like to work in the area of communicating our message to the community. Mary Thompson’s
background is in school counseling, and substance abuse counseling. She started the 2nd
Marijuana Anonymous Program in NJ.
Old Business:
a. Recovery Coach Academy Training-Dale Hull reported that he completed 30 hours of the
Recovery Coach Academy training and has 16 more hours of ethics training. He would like
bring the training to Petoskey and can do this if he gets 20 people signed up for it.
b. Drug Court Letter Campaign-Dale reported that he received a letter from the Emmanuel
Episcopal Church in support of the establishment of a Drug Court in Emmett County. He has
met with all the organizations were are aligned with to encourage them to write a letter in
support of a drug court. He is generally disappointed in the response he has received from the
organizations. He saw the need to clarify which grants we were going to apply for so that we
can include that in trying to convince organizations to support our efforts In this area.
c. Meeting with Democratic Party Leadership-Dale Hull and Dick Lewis -reported that they
had a positive reception from the Emmet County Democrats when they met with them.
d. Education Committee and Jail Library Committees-Anthony Wilhelm reported that he had
not met recently with the Educational Committee. He suggested that the Education Committee
and the Jail Library Committee be combined since they both were working toward similar
objectives of education of the inmates in jail.
Anthony summarized the goals that he had for starting a career oriented program in the jail that
would motivate inmates in different areas of educating themselves. This would include a GED
Lisa Scholl reported that there had been no further developments on getting into visit the jail
Dale reported that when he talked to Dean Couzens, he learned that the reason they don’t
have a GED program is because they didn’t get the funding. Dale believed that CRA could
raise the money for a GED program. Dean and the Community Corrections Advisory Board
were in favor of having a GED program for the inmates.
Dick Lewis shared information about a program that is available to inmates in the Charlevoix
County Jail which prepares inmates for re-entry into the community. Name of Program? A
New Direction.
New Business:
Three logos were presented and discussed. Board Members voted to adopt the first logo.
Dale Hull presented the Power Point presentation that Suzanne Perry developed for our
organization. He said that we will adjust it as we go along. Everyone agreed that it was very
Adjournment: Dale Hull made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was accepted, seconded
and passed.
Next Meeting is Thursday, April 25th at 7:00p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Lisa Scholl filling in for Ann Carolan.

Download the PDF by clicking here: CRAMtgMinutes3-28