CRA Minutes for September 24, 2019 at EMS Eppler Building
Board Members Present: Ann Carolan, Lisa Scholl, Anthony Wilhelm, Glenda Wilhelm
Absent: Anja Pacetti, George Lewis.
Executive Director Present: Dale Hull
Quorum was met as 4 Board Members were present.
Agenda: Anthony felt we needed more Board members to approve action items so he motioned to strike Agenda Action item D. Motion to pass carried unanimously.
Minutes: Motion to accept August Minutes approved unanimously as written.
Financial Report for Aug 21-September 20: (Grantor requested we add another 10 days to term of report so this report will not be finalized until the end of September by Grantor)
presented by Glenda and Dale.
MOTION: Motion to approve the budget as submitted in the report was presented and passed unanimously
Executive Director Report–
I. ARCO – application has been accepted as an “affiliate” of the Association of Community Recovery Organizations and CRA will be accepted after 1 year in operation in February as a full affiliate member. NMRE will pay for application and that item will be added to the budget.
II. Application for GED Testing site and Training license to function in the jail is waiting on approval by Brenda Ford. Regarding the need for a photo of the testing site in the jail, Ms Ford has refused to allow us to take a photo as required by the GED authority.
III. D&O Liability insurance, including auto, now active. $2400. has been budgeted. We are buying this insurance through the Alliance for Non-Profits Insurance Company based in California. If you have an indemnity clause in by-laws, you ordinarily can’t be sued, however, this insurance covers any incident if sued. Volunteers will be covered to drive CRA’s car, as well, at rate of $1500. for all three policies. Motion made by Anthony to accept the liability insurance as written. Passed unanimously.
IV. We have served 14 Clients through September.
V. A Letter of Support from Emmet County Republican party was written and will be available for our Drug Court application “Needs Assessment.” We will do a presentation for the Republican Party after the November election.
Patricia Steele: who wrote “The Gift of Second Chances” will be coming to give a program at the Library.
Development Committee Report – A Press Release about the Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony will be published in the newspaper. Our Drug Court “Needs assessment” will be addressed by Dale in a PNR letter to editor. We have an opportunity to do a monkey survey because of Chamber of Commerce membership. We are considering sending out a membership card request through the Chamber for $75. Due to membership we have access to their mailing list.
Marketing and PR – George Lewis
Drug Court: Dick continues to work on Needs Assessment with Dale.
Brochure has been printed and distributed to the Board and given to the Probation Department
and Jail Administrator with the assurance it would be handed out to each inmate. (However as of
September, Dale believes it was not distributed.)
Education and Advocacy Committee report: Val has visited the Jail Library and continues to
support our efforts to bring books to the jail and improve their library conditions.
Anthony made a Motion to create a lodging-lending account following a generous anonymous
donation of $10,000. The motion passed.
Billboard: Dale explained that the owner of a Billboard company came to CRA with a special
offer to advertise: 2 billboards for 2 months for $3200; one on Hwy 31 and one on Charlevoix
Ave. The board chose to table this motion to consider at our next meeting
Comments: Glenda commented that Glenda’s daughter would like to talk to us about a website
and to act as a Wash DC advocate for CRA. She works for a law firm and previously worked in
the White House.
Dale: The loan for rent given to our first client, has been repaid
Actions still to be taken: Generate a list of teachers willing to teach GED.
Our next Meeting will be Tuesday Evening at 7:00 PM, October 22, 2019 in the Eppler
EMS Station.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Ann Carolan.