Community Recovery Alliance, a relatively new nonprofit organization in Emmet County and headquartered in Petoskey, has just announced that it has hired Dale Hull to serve as its first Executive Director. In doing so, the Board of Directors accepted Hull’s resignation as its President and filled that position by moving the current Vice President, Anthony Wilhelm into the position of Board President.

The mission of CRA is to serve as a resource center for individuals and families impacted by drug and alcohol addictions, mental health issues, and the effects of incarceration as a result of those issues. “The nation lost more than 60,000 American citizens to opioid overdoses last year,” claims Hull, “not to mention the additional thousands who died from the effects of alcoholism and mental illnesses like depression and PTSD.”

CRA delivers on its promises from its both volunteer and professionally staffed office at

407-A East Michigan Street in downtown Petoskey. The organization is committed to providing immediate access to those being released from jail after serving time for non-violent crimes. CRA is also committed to helping those who seek advice on how best to meet the needs of their loved ones who are suffering from substance use disorders before they find themselves incarcerated as a result of their illnesses. “We don’t jail people with cancer; we offer them help,” quips Hull, “and we are working with the criminal justice system here in Emmet County now by conducting a needs assessment to measure whether a Drug Court might work better for our community as it seems to have met success across the State.”

Anthony Wilhelm’s goal as President “…is to help our community implement unique and creative solutions that seek to aid drug and alcohol ‘offenders’ find fulfilling employment, satisfy their court ordered probation obligations, and limit the time they might otherwise waste away in jail.” CRA is sponsoring efforts to host GED training (to earn an equivalency diploma) within the Emmet County jail for those who have not yet graduated from high school. In January of 2020, the organization is also sponsoring classes directed at certifying volunteer trainees through classes offered by Recovery Coach Academy, of Gaylord, Michigan, to be conducted right here in Petoskey.

You will find CRA on the web at, and they can be reached either by email or by phone: or 231-881-9116.