The Problem

Overcoming addiction is possible. With the right help, recovery achievable for anyone. However, there are multiple reasons why someone might not get the help they need. Listed below are some of the reasons that would prevent those who are struggling with addiction from getting help. 

The stigma surrounding addiction stems from misconceptions. Below is a list of some of the most common misconceptions:

  • Addiction is a choice.
  • Somebody who can’t quit their addiction is just lacking “willpower.”
  • If you have a career and family, you can’t struggle with addiction. 
  • Addiction should be charged with prison time.
  • A person has to hit rock bottom to get help.

According to our 2021 Community Conversations on our Recovery Friendly Community, we have work to do to address addiction treatment and recovery support. Our community is in need of these things:

  • community support of those who are attempting to heal their addictions 
  • addiction and mental health treatment expertise
  • access to addiction resources in the criminal justice system 
  • healthy social meeting places and events for those in recovery 

There are many different resources someone battling addiction will need to be successful in their recovery journey. It can be a challenge to find those resources. They may need to search high and low to find everything they need.

Once they find the resources that suit their journey, they lack transportation to get to those resources or the money to pay for them.


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