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“A healthy recovery requires a decent opportunity at a meaningful vocation. There is nothing worse than getting sober and experiencing a dead-end meaningless career path. Also need to learn how to have fun in sobriety and forming relationships.”

— CRA Recovery Friendly Community Focus Group participant

Recovery Friendly Workplaces (RFW) support their communites through a mindset and actions that show they understand that recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders is a path of strength and thus commit to working intentionally to aid those new to recovery or who have long walked that path.  RFWs create healthy and productive and safe environments that maximize the efforts and results or their employees and thus their communities.

A company that embraces positive workplace culture practices that support recovery from substance abuse disorder (SUD) and mental health issues strengthens its performance related to financial, customer service, productivity and employee engagement.

Neighbors in Recovery In Emmet County
Employers In Emmet County -- Many In Need of Quality Employees
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Steady Employment Rate of Folks In Long-Term Recovery
of surveyed employers have been impacted by prescription drug misuse, but fewer than 20% feel extremely prepared to handle such a truth
As of April 2021 there are 83,000 unfilled staffing positions in Michigan
of Human Resource key decision makers believe substance abuse disorders ( SUD) impact their employees, yet only 25% feel prepared to deal with it.